G0LGS LinFBB Tools

Stewart has sent me a link with the scripts and programs he wrote for LinFBB. I copied them to my own server for historical purposes. Thanks Stewart.

This is the source link


XFBB AutoResp Server0.11Jan 2005XFBB AutoResp Server
XFBB m_filter and f_filter0.6020/03/2005XFBB m_filter and f_filter
XFBB Event Notification system0.1423/04/2005XFBB Event Notification system
XFBB BID Tool1.00beta31/07/2005XFBB Bid Tool
XFBB INF Tool0.15Jan 2002XFBB INF Tool
XFBB Message Renumbering tool0.3616/01/2005XFBB Message Renumbering tool
XFBB Lotto number generator0.1013/01/2001XFBB Lotto number generator
XFBB Multi Server0.5524/12/2001XFBB Multi Server
XFBB Ping Server0.1402/10/2005XFBB Ping Server
XFBB File Servers: REQDIR / REQFIL / LOCAL0.6103/02/2005XFBB File Servers: REQDIR / REQFIL / LOCAL
XFBB Statis file manager0.1230/01/2005XFBB Statis file manager
XFBB TeleText Server0.2423/12/2001XFBB TeleText Server
XFBB WP Tool0.3312/07/2002XFBB WP Tool

Xfbb interface with Linbpq

In bpq32.cfg add


This creates a DED Host mode TNC on device /home/pi/fbbded, accessible from the LinBPQ Node as Application 3. Change APPLMASK and APPLICATION line if you already use APPL 3


This allows uses to connect to FBB. You can add the usual Call, Alias and Quality if you want to be able to access FBB directly instead of via the Node.

Change APPLMASK and APPLICATION line if you already use APPL 3

In /usr/local/etc/ax25/fbb/port.sys#

# FBB7.0.8-beta8
#Ports TNCs
1 1
#Com Interface Adress (Hex) Baud
1 9 /home/pi/fbbded 9600
#TNC NbCh Com MultCh Pacln Maxfr NbFwd MxBloc M/P-Fwd Mode Freq 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00/01 —- File-fwd.
1 6 1 1 250 2 1 10 00/15 DUWYL 145
# End of file.

This tells fbb to use /home/pi/fbbded as a DED Mode TNC.

Fbb problem showing .HLP and .ENT file

Donnie WD1F has some trouble to get the english.hlp and the english.ent files to show up in fbb. He found the solution.

All the files are there with the right permissions.

I found my problem and it wasn’t easy. In case others have this issue…
The issue was: Pressing H would not give me the help file. After getting it working I see I was missing other things as well like lots of the welcome text.

duckduckgo.com search showed EMSGSIZE (Message too long) had to do with packet sizes allowed. Made me think it may relate to max packet length setting in axports
The fix was:

in /etc/ax25/axports…
name Call speed paclen window desctiption
1 WD1F-1 9600 128 2 144.01 MHz (1200 bps)

I had to set paclen to 255 like this:
1 WD1F-1 9600 255 2 144.01 MHz (1200 bps)

Linfbb maintenance scripts modified.

Brain n1uro has write a script to getting reports sent to you nightly from your maintenance.



I have some trouble to get things going so i change some line in the scipt.

I have change the line


fbbgetconf needs a option.

Output off the script.