Xfbb interface with Linbpq

In bpq32.cfg add


This creates a DED Host mode TNC on device /home/pi/fbbded, accessible from the LinBPQ Node as Application 3. Change APPLMASK and APPLICATION line if you already use APPL 3


This allows uses to connect to FBB. You can add the usual Call, Alias and Quality if you want to be able to access FBB directly instead of via the Node.

Change APPLMASK and APPLICATION line if you already use APPL 3

In /usr/local/etc/ax25/fbb/port.sys#

# FBB7.0.8-beta8
#Ports TNCs
1 1
#Com Interface Adress (Hex) Baud
1 9 /home/pi/fbbded 9600
#TNC NbCh Com MultCh Pacln Maxfr NbFwd MxBloc M/P-Fwd Mode Freq 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00/01 —- File-fwd.
1 6 1 1 250 2 1 10 00/15 DUWYL 145
# End of file.

This tells fbb to use /home/pi/fbbded as a DED Mode TNC.

4 thoughts on “Xfbb interface with Linbpq”

  1. Hi Soproniradioklub,

    Wa8DED is firmware that is written to run on the eprom of a TNC. And Wa8DED Hostmode is a TNC operating mode that sets the TNC as slave of the computer. The TNC only sends data to the computer when the computer request them.

    73 Niels PD9Q

  2. Hello dear Niels,
    Thank you for your very useful post.
    I ‘m using your xfbb and BPQ configuration and it’s working!
    Finally I have the xfbb and BPQ working together.
    Sometimes I can’t see the traffic in the xfbb’s Monitoring window.
    Maybe it’s of PC memory allocation.

    JoseCarlos – CT1ENI

  3. Hi all.

    I use this config from the site only a error message from bpq

    slave device: /dev/pts/0. symlink to /home/pi/fbbded created
    TNC Emulator Init Complete
    read: Input/output error
    Handle 17 Errno 5 Len -1
    Read error on TNCPORT /home/pi/fbbded – Restarting
    slave device: /dev/pts/0. symlink to /home/pi/fbbded created

    Does any one has this error ?


    73 Richard de CB1RAM

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