Here we try to explain how OpenBCM works. Through configuration examples and images. This configuration is based on Raspberry PIs. Since the documantation about OpenBCM keeps this order, we try to do it too.

  • main config (init.bcm )
  • bulletin boards list and descriptions (bulletin.bcm and boardinf.bcm
  • sysop password (passwd.bcm)
  • timing file (crontab.bcm)
  • forward file (fwd.bcm)
  • definition of autosysop (asysop.bcm)
  • lanuguage definition file (speech.bcm)
  • beacon configuration (beacon.bcm and beachead.bcm)
  • reject and hold definitions (reject.bcm)
  • automatic board convertion (convert.bcm)
  • automatic distributor convertion (convat.bcm)
  • runutil definitions (runutil.bcm)
  • remote host configuration (rhosts.bcm)

The following items explain step by step what the configurations options are.