OpenBCM bulletin.bcm

Bulletin boards (bulletin.bcm and boardinf.bcm)

You must have the option CREATEBOARD 1 in the init.bcm for creating bulletin.bcm. If you do not have this you can always use the command “MKBOARD / TMP” to create the file bulletin.bcm.

Help Dir Read Erase Check REPly Send Alter Quit
(PD9Q)-->mkboard / tmp

Board created.
Help Dir Read Erase Check REPly Send Alter Quit

Now the bulletin.bcm is created. Look at the file.

; OpenBCM Bulletin Listfile
tmp       999   1

The name tmp is the board name, the 999 is the Max_Lifetime and 1 is the Min_Lifetime.
Bulletin.bcm is build op in mainboard en subboards.

Now let’s see what that looks like.

; OpenBCM Bulletin Listfile
; Board / Max_Lifetime / Min_Lifetime
tmp 999 1
modes 360 90
 amtor 360 360
 sstv 360 0
 packet 360 0
 clover 360 0
 cw 180 0
 fax 360 0
 gtor 360 0
 pactor 360 0
 rtty 360 0
 sattv 90 90

So “modes” is the mainboard and the rest is subboard. Now you have everything together nicely.
What not fits into the mainboards or subboards is placed in the “tmp” board. So it is advisable to occasionally look in the “tmp” board if new mainboards or subboards have to be made.

The boardinf.bcm shows board discriptions to the users. Is the boardinf.bcm empty there is nothing to show. Let’s fill it up.

Use capital letters for the mainboard names and lower case for the subboards.

TMP Temporary board for mail with no board. Create one
MODES Used modes on the Amateur frequencies
amtor Amtor digital mode
sstv Slow Scan Telvision
packet Packet radio modes


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