Maiko Langelaar, VE4KLM, the Maintainer of Jnos wrote.

The JNOS 2.0 project began in October of 2004, and is an evolution of the original JNOS 1.11f project by James P. Dugal (N5KNX) and contributors. I have taken the original JNOS 1.11f project, and rebranded it as JNOS 2.0, but with significant bug fixes, enhancements, new features, and so on.

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So Jnos is still being developed, and is a complex TCP/IP packet program with lots of possibilities. Below are some items that deal with some of the possibilities.

Jnos Download

jnos 2.0m.5C (update) Nov 1, 2020 tar.gz tgz
jnos 2.0m.4 (current) Aug 20, 2020 tar.gz tgz
jnos 2.0m (previous) Nov 27, 2019 tar.gz tgz
jnos 2.0k.3B (old) Aug 10, 2019 tar.gz tgz