Dxspider secure login

From now on there is the possibility to set up an ssh tunnel to the Dxcluster server.
This gives the advantage that no plan text login and passwords are sent over telnet. And that your connection to the cluster is secured.
Why, suppressing fake spots and abuse of the network.


Send me your login username (call) and password you want to use. I will setup a account for you.
After this it possible to connect secure to the dxcluster.
Copy and past this line in your terminal. Change “call” with your username.

ssh -L 7300:localhost:7300 -N -p 7322 call@dx.packet-radio.nl

Look like this.

Enter your password and leave the terminal window open.
After this nothing happens, but there is a secure tunnel.
Now it is possible to connect the dxcluster on localhost:7300

Open a new terminal window en telnet to localhost port 7300

This is also possible with Putty.

Save and open a ssh connection.

Now it is possible to connect your log program or what you want to the DxCluster on localhost port 7300

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