Jnos aprs setup

I running Jnos2.0m with the Aprs server enabled. This is the configuration that I use.



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  1. Hi Niels
    in your Aprs script you have
    aprs calls ip45845
    and here
    start aprs 45845
    is 45845 the right port or is it one you opted for
    should it not be 14845
    also you have, start aprs 14501
    what are you using in the html page to display the stats page
    i have Aprs working on my Jnos, just no 14501 page to view

    73 Ken G7VJA

    1. Hi Ken,
      You can choose which port you want, it doesn’t matter.
      Yes the 14501 is the status page. I view them with http://jnos-ip:14501
      As far as I know this is standard in NOSAprs, you can not change the html files yourself.
      It looks like this.

      Also on the Jnos Console….
      jnos> aprs status
      Ver: NOSaprs 2.0h, Uptime: 1:00:11:58, Call: PD9Q-10, Interface: ax0

      Server connection:
      Server Port Connected Pkts In Bytes Pkts Out Bytes
      * 149.210.**.*** 10152 0:10:30:14 21444 2133838 190 14305

      No APRS traffic heard so far


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