OpenBCM fwd.bcm Example

Foward example to my Partner BBS PI8CDR.#DRE.NLD.EU
Forward to PI8CDR via telnet ip-address:3602
Sysop: Han – PI8CDR
A – forwarding all if any msg available to send
P – forwarding all with polling even if no msg availabe to send/rcv
. – no fwd operation
Hours 0000 – 2359
0 1 2
BBS 012345678901234567890123 Path

The first line of a forward section defines the partner mailbox name (callsign
without SSID), the forward timing (when do forward which mails) and the
connection path to the forward partner. After that, you can add as many lines as
you want to define the usermail and bulletin behaviour. All these additional
lines must have one space as first character in a line.

• “A” (All): All mails (usermail and bulletins) are forwarded.
• “U” (User): Only usermail are forwarded.
• “.”: Nothing is forwarded.
• “P” (Poll): All mails are forwarded (like “A”), and additionally at the
time defined in crontab.bcm (normally each 30 minutes) a forward connect
is being made to the forward partner, also if no mails are in the
forward queue to send. This makes sense, if the partner mailbox has
misconfigured the connect path and therefore can’t send its mails to
your BBS. It makes sense to do such a pool one time a day.

-b<bytes> maximum size of forward mails (e.g. > 10k)
-d (delayed) forward only at set times of crontab.bcm
-e send E/M files with 4 lines in 1 frame (e.g. DB0SAO)
-f send empty line before start forward (e.g. TCPIP/xNOS)
-i BoxBin mails are forwarded regardless of the capabilities of the receiving system (not useful in most cases)
-k no forward of autobin bulletins
-l no forward of autobin user mails
-m no forward of 7plus bulletins
-n no forward of 7plus user mails
-o entries are sorted by size (smallest at first)
-p suppress prompt after login (e.g. needed for DB0SAO)
-r send ONLY boards from fwd.bcm to forward partner
-s SID is send immediately of connected BBS
-t tracing active (if “fwdtrace 2” is set)
-u connection is closed immediately, without this parameter, forward is waiting for some time if new mails can be forwarded

Mailbox callsigns

Here a fwd.bcm example


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