Linfbb maintenance scripts modified.

Brain n1uro has write a script to getting reports sent to you nightly from your maintenance.



I have some trouble to get things going so i change some line in the scipt.

I have change the line


fbbgetconf needs a option.

Output off the script.


5 thoughts on “Linfbb maintenance scripts modified.”

  1. Hi Neils
    I have tried the Linfbb Maintainence script and it does not generate any daily
    files are in the directories you mention.
    do i need to set up any new lines in fbb.conf or create a cron job for each file
    if i run the files manually they work and a is sent to the BBS
    can you suggest a cron job to run them daily.
    Ken G7VJA

    1. Hi Ken,
      I’m sorry, I made a mistake.
      At first I didn’t realize what was going on. But I found the error.
      I had said it should be copied to /usr/lib/fbb/script/maintenance/ but it must be /usr/local/lib/fbb/script/maintenance/

      So copy the files to /usr/local/lib/fbb/script/maintenance/ and run the housekeeping with /K in sysop mode.
      Now you get some maintenance mail. (I hope)

      I will adjust the text in the message.
      Sorry for the inconvenience.

      73 Niels

  2. Hi Neils
    Just a follow up on the scripts
    i put two lines in crontab which worked at 13:00 today, i will be changing the time to 23:00 tomorrow as it has run already
    0 13 * * * root /home/kenny/20_epurmess sysop
    0 13 * * * root /home/kenny/20_epurwp sysop
    my question is
    why are the start – End computing times different , ie 13:00 and 02:01

    Start computing : 19-12-04 13:00
    End computing : 19-12-04 13:00
    Start computing : 19-12-04 02:01
    End computing : 19-12-04 02:01

    regards & 73
    Ken G7VJA – GB7COW

    1. Hi Ken,
      If I run it from housekeeping then this problem does not exist. So I think the problem is that you are running it off from a cronjob. If I running it manually i also have this problem.

      73 Niels

  3. Hi Neils
    Thanks for your reply,
    the scripts did not work with Xfbb housekeeping set for 3:00am
    if it just the WP time that shows different then i will leave the lines in crontab
    as it is not effecting anything.
    i am waiting to see if my other Xfbb BBS running on a Pi3 will run the scripts at 23:00
    tonight, if not then i will try it with the two lines in crontab as well.
    thanks for your help.
    like the website, interesting items
    73 Ken g7vja

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