fbb-7.0.8-beta4 Release

Okay I missed it, there is a new beta release of fbb. Released on 2017-10-24.
You can get it here > Download
Or go to the website, https://sourceforge.net/projects/linfbb/files/


Fpac issues.

Brian n1uro wrote in the news group that he had problems with “ifconfig rose0 down”. Now I have also experienced this problem. And even a “kernel panic” with fpac.

First the piece of Brian n1uro.

“ifconfig rose0 down” seems to work. But if you try again a “rsattach” you will see that he takes “rose1”. Try it against “mobprobe -r rose” and you immediately get an “unregister_netdevice”. Fairly annoying.

Here we come to the “kernel panic”. After starting and stopping fpac, it means that the rose0 interface has not been released. If you then make a rose connection from uronode to fpac you get a “kernel panic”

After stopping and starting fpac, syslog / user.log is fully spammed. It was even so bad that I got an email from my system in one day that the disk was full. Helppppppp ….. panic

Syslog and user.log were a few gigabytes in size.

So do not stop fpac en restart it again. Reboot the system to free the rose interface. Unfortunately

Flexd and uronode

I had some problems getting the flexnet destinations in uronode. Xnet node is running with various flexnet links. Now I also want uronode to know these flexnet destinations. There appears to be a small secret in the “prompt” that flexd expects. I had a prompt “pi1lap ==>” That is not what flexd expected. Flexd expects a prompt “=>” So now I had to adjust the Xnet prompt to the expectations of flexd. (Tnx Brian n1uro for the hint)
Maybe the “pi1lap =>” prompt will work, I have to test that

There is also something with the buffer size of flexd. See the README.flexd in the source dir.

Okay so how muts frames i have, let’s have a look

That are 2 frames. I had to set the buffer size to 256 and recompile flexd.c

Also i have made a change to line 277. Also change to 256 buffer size

Setup flexd.conf

The prompt for Xnet

Let’s give it a try.


Yes, all looks okay.

The flexnet destinations are saved in “/usr/local/var/ax25/flex” on a debian wheezy system.

Bind bpq to ax25 interface

I’m using uronode as front end node, but i’m also like to connect to different packet software.
This time it’s linbpq. Lets go…..

First of all bpq32.cfg
Change the comport to COMPORT=/dev


Now the linbpq start file

Ok let’s look it ok now

ps ax | grep kissattach

Now have a look in bpq32.cfg

Here you see there is a PTS couple /dev/pts/16 and /dev/pts/17

So we are good to go.

The route to pi1lap-9 is there in uronode. Let’s try a connect.


Check of the services are online

I have written a script that checks whether the services are still running, if not, I will receive an email and can take action. The script writes the data in a file. This file is in /var/www/up and is called up.htm. Now I can view the file via the browser. http://ip-adres/up/up.htm

http://gw.pd2lt.ampr.org/up/up.htm  # Only amprnet

I have add a cronjob for it. The cronjob runs the script every 5 minutes

The output look like this

Here is the script


Jnos link local

Setup a local link in jnos to uronode.



Jnos rewrite

Setup Jnos rewrite


Jnos axip link

Setup Jnos axip link


Jnos ampr gateway

Setup Jnos ampr gateway