Bind ax25 interface to Direwolf

It can be easy to link an ax25 interface to Direwolf. This makes it possible to use RMSGateway, Uronode etc with Direwolf.
In this script Direwolf is started with the -p option. With the -p option a virtual tnc is created. /tmp/kisstnc.

With mkiss a kiss connection is made on the /tmp/kisstnc. With kissattach the PTY is connected to the ax25 interface.

Fist edit the file axports in /etc/ax25

Config the direwolf.conf file to set the right audio device and ptt port. Save file to /etc/ax25/direwolf.conf

Run the script

Let’s check if everything went well.

Try it out…

Now it’s possible to setup RMSGateway or Uronode of whatever you want.

AX25 Dual port TNC (kpc-9612)

Here is an ax25 script that I use to control the Dual port KPC-9612 with mkiss and kissattach.


Update start script

I have update the start script for pi1lap/pi8lap. I have add start/stop/restart/status in it.
The disadvantage of this script is if you for example make an adjustment in axport you have to stop and restart the whole system. Maybe divide into smaller parts.

Ok lets check the status.

Now let start the system.

Now look at the status

Here you see that “mkiss” is down. That is because I do not use “mkiss” at the moment.

Ok, now we will stop the system

Here you see that stopping has failed, this is because “mkiss” can not be stopped.

Here is the start script


Install and update script AX25 /tools/libs/apps

Script provided by Charles S. Schuman modified by F6BVP for updating AX.25 libraries and applications. October 22/2017


Howto set ax25 Parameters

Howto set ax25 parameters on a tnc in kissmode.

Below the file ax25parms. (chmod 755)


Flexd and uronode

I had some problems getting the flexnet destinations in uronode. Xnet node is running with various flexnet links. Now I also want uronode to know these flexnet destinations. There appears to be a small secret in the “prompt” that flexd expects. I had a prompt “pi1lap ==>” That is not what flexd expected. Flexd expects a prompt “=>” So now I had to adjust the Xnet prompt to the expectations of flexd. (Tnx Brian n1uro for the hint)
Maybe the “pi1lap =>” prompt will work, I have to test that

There is also something with the buffer size of flexd. See the README.flexd in the source dir.

Okay so how muts frames i have, let’s have a look

That are 2 frames. I had to set the buffer size to 256 and recompile flexd.c

Also i have made a change to line 277. Also change to 256 buffer size

Setup flexd.conf

The prompt for Xnet

Let’s give it a try.


Yes, all looks okay.

The flexnet destinations are saved in “/usr/local/var/ax25/flex” on a debian wheezy system.

Check of the services are online

I have written a script that checks whether the services are still running, if not, I will receive an email and can take action. The script writes the data in a file. This file is in /var/www/up and is called up.htm. Now I can view the file via the browser. http://ip-adres/up/up.htm # Only amprnet

I have add a cronjob for it. The cronjob runs the script every 5 minutes

The output look like this

Here is the script


Linux commando “ps ax”