Bind ax25 interface to Direwolf

It can be easy to link an ax25 interface to Direwolf. This makes it possible to use RMSGateway, Uronode etc with Direwolf.
In this script Direwolf is started with the -p option. With the -p option a virtual tnc is created. /tmp/kisstnc.

With mkiss a kiss connection is made on the /tmp/kisstnc. With kissattach the PTY is connected to the ax25 interface.

Fist edit the file axports in /etc/ax25

Config the direwolf.conf file to set the right audio device and ptt port. Save file to /etc/ax25/direwolf.conf

Run the script

Let’s check if everything went well.

Try it out…

Now it’s possible to setup RMSGateway or Uronode of whatever you want.

1 thought on “Bind ax25 interface to Direwolf”

  1. I currently run URONode and FBB on a desktop (A) and LinBPQ with Direwolf, signalink, and an HF rig on desktop (B).

    I’d like to move desktop (A) to the hf rig location and use URONode and FBB on HF. My URONode setup currently has ax0, ax1, nr0, nr1, and nr2.

    How should I proceed with Direwolf setup?


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