Fpac issues.

Brian n1uro wrote in the news group that he had problems with “ifconfig rose0 down”. Now I have also experienced this problem. And even a “kernel panic” with fpac.

First the piece of Brian n1uro.

“ifconfig rose0 down” seems to work. But if you try again a “rsattach” you will see that he takes “rose1”. Try it against “mobprobe -r rose” and you immediately get an “unregister_netdevice”. Fairly annoying.

Here we come to the “kernel panic”. After starting and stopping fpac, it means that the rose0 interface has not been released. If you then make a rose connection from uronode to fpac you get a “kernel panic”

After stopping and starting fpac, syslog / user.log is fully spammed. It was even so bad that I got an email from my system in one day that the disk was full. Helppppppp ….. panic

Syslog and user.log were a few gigabytes in size.

So do not stop fpac en restart it again. Reboot the system to free the rose interface. Unfortunately

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