Update Linbpq with up2bpq

Ok, first of all I want to apologize for my fantastic bash scripting arts. There must be people laughing there ass off.

I was searching the internet for an update program or script for Linbpq. I could not find these, so I started using my bash scripting skills.

Maybe someone has better ideas.

The problem is that John GM8BPQ does not work with version numbers in his program names. This makes it difficult to quickly see if you need to update. Now I always look at the dates, this gave me an idea.

Why not look at the Last_Modified date with a shell script. Now of course you first have to check on your own system which date you have with your most recent Linbpq program file.

Okay now we have to take a look at John’s date on his web server.

Now you have two dates, lets compare.

It should be  “if (( ${local//-/} < ${remote//-/} ));”

The local file is from 2019-09-26 and de remote file is from 2019-10-05
Let get the new Linbpq version from 2019-10-05 and downloading it with a timestamp. I want the timestamp to remain the same, otherwise nothing later can be compared.

The -N oprions by the wget command stands for –Timestammping

Now I want to name the file linbpq with the date of the download and copy it to the directory /home/pd9q/linbpq. If you use the -p option with cp the timestamp stays the same. And I also have the file in the /home/pd9q/linbpq/check directory. This is because I need it to compare the dates.

Let`s remove pilinbpq, we no longer need him. And chmod the linbpq file so we can execute it.

I’m using the sed command to alter the linbpq start file.

That works very well.

Now let’s restart Linbpq with the new version of Linbpq

If you now run up2bpq again you will get the following message if the two dates match.

Here is the entire script.

Systemd and Linfbb

I had some problems starting Linfbb with systemd. The problem turned out to be that Linfbb was running in the background. Systemd was thinking fbb was going offline and kept restarting. Now it is possible to provide start options with fbb.

Command line options of the fbb script :
-f : Software is run in foreground
-h : help information
-q : run silent
-l logfile : log debug info to logfile

Now I put the following in my fbb start file.

The unit file for systemd.

Systemctl status fbb

Now is fbb running just fine.

Monitor with Monit

A few days ago I posted a message about creating a pid file for linbpq. So that it becomes possible to monitor the process with watchdog.

You can read that here.

Now I use Monit to display this graphically. Why, because it looks nice. Now you immediately have an overview of running processes and their status.

The configuration file that I use for this.


Bpq32 Configuration Example

I came across the website of R.C. Anderson WH6FQE.


Here he has a nice configuration example of BPQ32, windows version. I asked him if he thought it was okay that I placed it on my website. This was not a problem.

Sit back and enjoy.

SCS released PMOM

Not sure if people saw this but SCS has released a program to monitor Pactor 1/2/3 transmissions even with B2F/LZHUF-compressed messages for the Raspberry Pi:


David emailed them to see if they plan on releasing X86 versions and possibly packages for other distros like Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.  We’ll see what they say but this looks pretty cool!

Reaction of scs

Thank you for your inquiry.
Currently there is no plan to release PMON for other systems than Raspberry Pi. As also stated on the PMON web site, PACTOR-4 will follow in early 2020.

Thanks to David “Dranch”

BPQ32 Example SCS Tracker (1k2 packet) port

Example for a SCS Tracker with 1k2 packet port.

BPQ32 Example FLDigi port

Example for a FLDigi port

BPQ32 Example SCS Tracker (robust packet) port

Example SCS Tracker with Robust packet port

BPQ32 Example Soundmodem port

Example for a UZ7HO soundmodem port