Brian Rogers N1URO – Silent Key

Mail of Brian Webster N2KGC – President EastNet Amateur Radio Network

It is with great sadness that I pass along the news that Brian Rogers N1URO
is now a silent key. He passed on Tuesday evening January 4th, 2022.

Brian was the author of the URONode packet radio software and past president
of the Eastnet Amateur Radio Network ( He
was an avid packet user and contributor to various software packages, not
just his own. He was also the AmprNet coordinator for the states of MA, NH,
VT, PA, MD, DE, CT, RI and ME.

Professionally his was an IT consultant and ran his company Network
Continuum Connecticut (

He was a mentor to many who wanted to operate packet nodes or set up an station. He had a broad knowledge of many other node operating
systems, keeping nodes of all types running at his QTH. He was a wealth of
detailed knowledge and will be missed immensely.

Side Note

This is very sad news. I have been in regular contact with him over the
years. He was always willing to help you with packet/amprnet related
things. He always had his own opinion on certain things, and he
couldn’t be changed. I didn’t always appreciate this. He will be
missed, packet land is a bit more empty.

Till next time.

N1URO to PI1LAP ttl 25 cct=01F0 <DISC REQ>
04:55:35T PI1LAP>N1URO Port=7 <RR R F R5>
04:55:35T PI1LAP>N1URO Port=7 <I C P S7 R5> NET/ROM
PI1LAP to N1URO ttl 25 cct=035D <DISC ACK>

73 Niels PD9Q

Uronode nodesearch 2.2 released

Brian N1URO has released a new version of Nodesearch 2.2

Change is that now users can search a netrom node
by alias. This idea was taken from a recent change in JNOS. Ex:

Which node are you looking for (no * please): NOS
Searching NetRom nodes for NOS …
NodeSearch v2.2 by N1URO for URONode.

For now it’s only on the ftp server of N1URO

Uronode update version 2.9

Brian N1URO has released uronode-2.9 on 2018-05-28

Download add

I have released URONode 2.9 on both my FTP server and on SourceForge
(both git and svn). The changelog for this release is as follows:

27/05/2018 v2.9
Changed the abort message from "Connection Aborted" to just "Aborted".
The madness in the logic is that FBB and other PBBS scripts may only
read "Connect" and send their next command in their sequence and thus
causing a bit of a loop.

Changed version number in node.h
Changed this file.

I noticed that an IPv6 connection did NOT offer EXit as a command.

I also noticed that for an IPv6 connection, when running an external
it did not inform the user that they were being returned to the node
may hint that the plug-in is not returning to the node properly, or is
exiting/forking prior to it's close. This is now fixed.

Mainly for sysop debugging purposes but also for end users, when
executing a
plugin such as NS or tracer, it'll still open with "Executing command"
but now
it will return back to the node prompt with "Command ended.". This lets
the sysop and end user know the command exited properly, like with a
"return 0"

I decided that just having IPv6 as a trailer for IPv6 connects at the
to be a bit vague in display so to keep it a bit more consistant with
it now will show ...:/uronode6 instead.

Fixed the "Sockets:" line in the Status command display. The word
was off by one space throwing all the following column headers off by 1


URONode ipv6 ready

URONode van Brian N1URO is ipv6 ready.
Dit wou ik natuurlijk even uitproberen. Nu was ik nog niet zo veel met ipv6 bezig geweest dus het was even uitzoeken hoe het moest. Het viel allemaal wel weer mee 🙂

Eerst moet de nieuwste versie van uronode geïnstalleerd worden (versie 2.7)
Verder moet er een regel aangepast worden in /etc/inetd.conf

Hier onder hebben we de (tcp6) toegevoegd. kill -HUP inetd

uronode  stream  tcp6,tcp     nowait  root    /usr/local/sbin/uronode  uronode

Maak je gebruikt van xinetd, dan ziet het er zo uit.

service uronode
        disable         = no
        socket_type     = stream
        protocol        = tcp
        flags           = IPv6
        user            = root
        server          = /usr/local/sbin/uronode
        wait            = no
        instances       = 20

Hier wordt de “flags = IPv6” toegevoegd.

Nu moest ik nog wat aanpassingen doen aan me router en firewall om het werkend te krijgen. Dit is natuurlijk voor een ieder verschillend.
Verder heb ik bij me hosting provider nog een AAAA record aan gemaakt in de DNS server zodat je dat langen ipv6 adres niet hoeft te onthouden.
Nu wordt het mooi omgezet naar een ipv6 adres  2a02:f6d:2d:0:212:3fff:fe2b:c66f

telnet -6 3694
Trying 2a02:f6d:2d:0:212:3fff:fe2b:c66f...
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
( login: pd2lt
*** Password required! If you don't have a password please email for a password you wish to use.
[URONode v2.7]
Welcome pd2lt to the packet shell.
       _ _ _
 _ __ (_) | | __ _ _ __
| '_ | | | |/ _` | '_ 
| |_) | | | | (_| | |_) |
| .__/|_|_|_|__,_| .__/
|_|               |_|

SystemD -

Werkt dus uit de kunst.