Uronode 2.11

Brian N1URO, has released Uronode 2.11 (Mar 03, 2020)


03/03/2020 v2.11
Changed node.h to reflect current version.

Note: The system has been behaving as best as it can be expected considering
it`s a front-end to the linux protocol stacks. As long as there can be an
ax# or sp# interface, it can attach to it and work the protocol(s) the user
wishes to use. There`s still the 2-line patch that the kernel maintainers 
need to add to ax25.ko so that netrom will continue to properly function
however that`s not the issue of URONode, it`s the kernel ax25 module.

Made a couple of changes in gateway.c where the color schema wasn`t properly
resetting the netrom prompt only in regards to aborting ping or a connect
request. This is now fixed.

Made changes in system.c where it wasn`t displaying the user being on IPv6
properly. While at it, I changed how it handles the user when they`re on
IPv4 in the lastlog and loggedin databases.

Changed user.c to reflect incoming session is via IPv6 which also fixes the
output of nodeusers so that instead of displaying ??????? it now shows that
Telnet6 is being used as the incoming protocol. This one was really getting
under my skin. Now I can rest in peace (as per QST 2/2020 haha!)

----------- Note on SystemD --------
In uronode.socket, you`ll notice the line:
This tells SystemD to listen on TCP socket 3694 for any IPv4 ONLY incoming
connection. If you wish to filter JUST your amprnet and IPv4 localhost
IPs make a line for each changing to and another for
your amprnet IP. This will by default filter any commercial IP requests
to URONode. If you want SystemD to try IPv6 *first*, don`t enter in any
IP schemas and just list the port number. SystemD by default appears to
use IPv6 prior to IPv4.

You can verify the above by running systemctl status uronode.socket:
systemctl status uronode.socket
● uronode.socket - URONode Server Activation Socket
   Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/uronode.socket; enabled)
   Active: active (listening) since Mon 2016-03-07 15:30:39 EST; 6min ago
   Listen: (Stream)
 Accepted: 3; Connected: 1

----------- Wish-list: -----------
Original Development Information (aka Disclaimer): URONode was developed 
on an IBM eSeries 330 eServer with dual 1.2GHz CPUs The OS is Debian 
Linux 4 using kernel 2.4.27, libax25 v0.0.11, ax25-tools v0.0.8 and 
ax25-apps v0.0.6. This software comes with absolutely NO guarantees so 
crash n burn at your own risk. We all may be surprised and find out that 
it actually DOES something useful! URONode may not run 100% depending on 
environmental conditions specific to your system.

URONode is GLPv2 code, and tested by it`s main author on the following 
platforms: Raspberry Pi ver. B, Debian 7.7 on a Core-i3, Ubuntu 
12.0.4LTS on a Core-i3, Fedora ver. 21


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