SCS released PMOM

Not sure if people saw this but SCS has released a program to monitor Pactor 1/2/3 transmissions even with B2F/LZHUF-compressed messages for the Raspberry Pi:

David emailed them to see if they plan on releasing X86 versions and possibly packages for other distros like Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.  We’ll see what they say but this looks pretty cool!

Reaction of scs

Thank you for your inquiry.
Currently there is no plan to release PMON for other systems than Raspberry Pi. As also stated on the PMON web site, PACTOR-4 will follow in early 2020.

Thanks to David “Dranch”

SCS Tracker TNC and new BPQ32 Node

Sample config file based on a system off John, kx4o.

Jeff have made some comments about it.


SCS Tracker Multiconnect Driver for BPQ32 switch


This driver allows the SCS Tracker TNC to be used in Host Mode for user access to BPQ32 applications. The Tracker can be used in KISS mode for this purpose, but the Tracker’s dynamic parameter tuning works only in Host Mode. There is a separate driver, SCSTracker that supports scanning, but only a single connect at a time, primarily for use for BBS forwarding.


The driver configuration is specified in the bpq32.cfg file

The driver is defined to BPQ32 as an External port, and needs some driver-specific configuration

All commands that are essential to run with BPQ32 are sent automatically. You only need to include any special setup you need. Any Tracker Commands can be entered. The PACKETCHANNELS command is used to set the number of connects accepted (Default is 10)

The commands that are preset are in two groups. One set is sent before the commands you specify, so can be changed. The others are sent after your commands, as they are essential for correct operation with BPQ32

Sent before your config

Sent after your config

MYCALL is set to NODECALL. Any MYCALL in the config file is ignored.

Sample SCS Tracker Multi Configuration.

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