Maiko has been busy again to make some adjustments in Jnos. A friend of mine had asked if it was possible to save a Most Heard list. A few days later it was already done. Fantastic. It is also possible to leave the file ftpusers and use hashed passwords.

Read change.2.0m.1.txt for al the new options.

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Save and Load ax25 Heard List

 The ax25 heard list can now be saved to a file or loaded (restored) from a file.

 Decided to also revamp the 'ax heard' command at the JNOS console, since there are
 now several commands available, all of which really should be categorized as being
 subcommands of 'ax heard' - so with this update, the new syntax is as follows :

     Usage : ax heard < show | dest > [<iface>]
             ax heard < save | load >

 The 'dest' and 'hearddest' commands are gone, absorbed by the above syntax.

 The heard data is kept in a new 'AxHeardFile' in the JNOS root directory.

 There are two files to update (ax25cmd.c and axheard.c), they have been added
 to the patch file noted further down (under the Password Management section),
 so if you're not interested in the password code, just extract the 2 files.

 Add '#define BACKUP_AXHEARD' to your config.h, then :

    rm ax25cmd.o axheard.o ; make