Direwolf Vs QtSoundModem (part 2)

Rx Only

Okay, that was a bit of a disappointment. I ran the test at 14.1022Mhz on 300 Baud. I think the conditions were very bad in those 24 hours.

For the test I use Kissutil.


kissutil  can be used interactively for troubleshooting a KISS TNC. It is usable with direwolf and other generic KISS TNCs connected to a serial port. It can also be used as an application interface where each side places files in a directory for the other to process.

First I wrote two start files for the test.


cd /home/niels/testbed/
./kiss-direwolf -p 8009 -o /home/niels/testbed/rec-direwolf


cd /home/niels/testbed/
./kiss-qtsm -p 8105 -o /home/niels/testbed/rec-qtsm

The test ran for 24 hours, which is 86400 seconds.

timeout -s 9 86400 ./qtsm.sh

After 24 hours I can start counting the received frames.

As you can see this is very disappointing. Now I understand that the focus of QtSoundModem is more in the HF area. With a difference of 4 frames, the difference between Direwolf and QtSoundModem is minimal. In fact, too few frames were received in the 24 hours to make a good comparison. Is my opinion.

The next test we will try on 144.800Mhz the local Aprs frequency.