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Firmware HeatKit 232 (Tnx to Joshua (DO4FN))

Firmware PK232/PK232MBX


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Firmware PK-96

AEA PK-900

Firmware PK-900


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Direwolf <> AEA PK88

144.800Mhz @ 1200Baud (Test on 03-29-20 11:00 (rx only))

Today I did a reception test with the AEA PK88 and Direwolf. I must say that I am impressed with the PK88. This is the best test I have done so far. Now the conditions were not optimal, there is very little traffic at the time. So I will probably test it again at a busier time. Even now I let the reception run for half an hour.

So we missed 19 packets out of a total of 211 packtes from Direwolf. This compared to the tnc3s that missed 73 out of 219 packets from Direwolf.
Below again the TNC3s comparison with Direwolf.

It is nice to see that this AEA PK-88 performs so well after all these years and different owners.

The last week I save all the Aprs traffic I receive and post it on a blog. You might like to take a look there.

AEA/Timewave TNCs / Kantronics Manual

AEA/Timewave TNCs

PK-900 -> Manual -> PK900Man.pdf
PK-900 -> Pinout -> PK900Pins.gif

DSP-2232 -> Manual -> dsp2232-manual.pdf
DSP-2232 -> Pinout -> PK900Pins.gif

PK-232 -> Manual -> PK232MBXman.pdf
PK-232 -> Manual -> PK232MBXnode.pdf

PK-88 -> Manual -> pk-88.pdf


KPC3 -> Manual -> KPC-3P_Manual_ver9B.pdf
KPC3 -> Pinout -> kpc3ppinout.pdf

KPC 9612 -> Manual -> KPC-9612PMX_Manual.pdf
KPC 9612 -> Pinout -> kpc9612pinout.pdf

KAM98 -> Manual -> KAM98_manual.pdf
KAM98 -> Pinout is the same as KPC3

KAM-XL -> Manual -> KAMXL_manual.pdf
KAM-XL -> Pinout -> kamxlpinout.pdf