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differences between 2.0m.5Gx and 2.0m.5G - April 17, 2021

 being released this evening (CDT) ...

 ax25 heard has been 'revamped', new 'heard via digipeater' feature,
 so that you can actually see stations not directly heard, I created
 this due to my crazy obsession with Robust Packet lately and seeing
 all the APRS frames coming in on 30 meters, many via K4KPN-10, nice
 to know who else you can qso with (indirectly), really liking this.

 the save/load functionality improved, you can specify save and load
 file now, and times are FINALLY accurate on load, this took a lot of
 effort, but worth it in the end I think. I have NOT included saving
 of the latest digipeater heard list (yet), that will be next time.

 To be honest ? I hated the introduction of the 'show' subcommand, so
 the original 'ax25 h <iface>' is back and will stay that way ...

 command help dialogue now taken from a NEW usage/ax25/heard.txt file
  (create new /jnos/usage/ax25 directory, copy heard.txt over to it)

 note : I have NOT updated j2addendum.txt (yet)