Direwolf 1.6 D (Mar 1 2020) FX.25

I did some testing with a friend of mine PD2NLX. We have tested the (new) FX.25 protocol (32 and 16 Bytes) This is AX25 with forward error correction. Now the distance between us is quite short, about 5 kilometers. We have discovered that the 16 bytes check at a short distance works better.

First I have installed the “dev” release of Direwolf.

My direwolf.start file look like this

I have add the start option “-d x” Let’s take a look at what that looks like.

It has, of course, been developed to work over large distances and thus achieve a reasonably reliable connection. But it works surprisingly well.

Direwolf AX.25 + FEC = FX.25

Probably most of you will already know, Direwolf will support FX.25. This is AX25 with forward error correction. Nice.

The mail John, WB2OSZ posted on the mail list.

Read more about it.