OMG…. How

(IK5FKA, Still Alive & Kicking) Tnx for the mail.

I am busy with a number of large projects, so I have very little time for the hobby. In my daily life I work as a Welder and I am used to working with large materials.

And I get scared of the little NinoTNC and parts I received. I know where to start, but I’m scared of squeezing that little thing completely. Or that everything is soldered together. I hope I can find some time this weekend to find out which part should go where and start soldering.

shit ….. i’m very afraid. Wish me luck.

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  1. One piece of advice on soldering I can give you is that solder does not belong on the tip of your soldering iron other than just enough to tin it. I would also suggest that you practice heating up the end of a stranded piece of wire and learn how to tin the end of wire first so you can get a feel for how solder flows much easier than to weld. Tin your PCB before you actually solder something to it as this will make the actual soldering much easier and cleaner and help prevent cold solder joints. I think once you get some practice in tinning the end of a junk piece of wire that you will understand that you got this and its gonna be a snap for you. If you know how to use flux sometime it will make it easier to get clean solid solder joints as well but some people tend to over use flux and make a huge mess.

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