Kantronics KAM All Mode

Today I am the lucky one again. I have added a new modem to the collection. Namely the Kantronics KAM All Mode.

The KAM is using the oldest Firmware that I know of. Version 5.00. The newest is version 8.2. Have a look at this link
Here can you find the Kam Manual.
It is the third Kantronics modem I have. I have the KPC3 (non plus) and the KPC9612 + and now the Kantronics Kam All Mode. Now I am still looking for the KPC3+

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    1. You should now have your computer connected to the KAM. It’s time for power. On the back panel there is a jack marked +12 VDC. Connect the power adapter furnished with the KAM to this jack or, if you use another power source make sure it provides +12 VDC at 300 mA. If you wire your own power cable, make sure you wire it to the barrel plug with the center pin POSITIVE.
      With the computer or terminal connected you may practice with the KAM without being “on- the-air” (not connected to your radio yet). In this way you can become familiar with issuing com- mands and setting parameters.
      First, boot your terminal program. After booting the terminal program turn on power to the KAM. You will see the message PRESS * TO SET BAUD RATE appear on the screen. This mes- sage will be printed at several different Baud rates, and at the one which matches your computer output Baud rate it will be readable. At other rates it will appear as random printed characters. Press the * quickly while the readable version is printing.
      The KAM will now send your computer its sign-on message and the following will appear on your display:

    1. Hola Luis!
      KPC-3 is a one 1200 baud port TNC, perfect for VHF-UHF
      Kam is a two ports TNC.
      One is a 1200 baud port, same as in KPC-3
      the second port is a 300 baud port to connect HF radio.
      Hope this help, 73
      Jorge VE3EAD

  1. After a near lightning event and rebuilding my KAM+, I wanted a backup unit.
    Found several on EBay but noticed they all have power supply issues around the negative charge pump that supply’s the -7v and -5v, the chip is ok in most cases, but the electrolytic caps near by need replaced, in most cases replacing these three 10uf caps will restore operation. The tell is the hf tuning display shows the left LED is on, this indicates the minus supply is not working.
    Hope others find this helpful.
    Jim ki0bk

  2. You say that the latest firmware for the KAM (Non plus) all mode is 8.2 however your link to firmware images only shows 8.2 as being for the Plus version. Is the Plus firmware also suitable for the non plus KAM or is 6.1 actually the latest ?
    Also wondering if newer firmware than the 6.1 that is already on mine offers any new features or anything else that would make it worth updating my device?


    1. Latest firmware for KAMs
      Original KAM v6.1
      Original KAM with enhancement add on board v8.2e
      KAM+ v8.2

      A KAM w/enhancement board functions the same as a KAM+, thu there are differences in the HF modem front end, there are mods published to make them the same.
      So, to change the firmware on KAM (non plus) beyond v6.1, you need the enhancement board.
      Hope that helps,
      Jim KI0BK

      1. Thanks, that makes sense but I am sure that you can see where the confusion came in. The pictures are a non plus version and the text talks about it being a non plus version. So when I looked for firmware 8.2 also non plus, I couldn’t understand why I could only see a plus version.
        Now I know that 6.1 is the newest version, I need look no further.

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