FRame ACKnowledge (FRACK)

We can make this TNC command short and sweet, or  we can complicate it to the greatest possible level. I ‘m for reducing the complications within  the command structure of the packet TNC. Τοo often I see new writers going after the complicated rendition of the TNC commands, only to end υ  confusing themselves.

Packet radio is very easy to use, and as long as we keep it this way, we all will benefit from it and more users will enter its ranks.

FRACK should never be set below 3!

FRACK has a rule of order that can be used in the following manner. If you are about to connect to a friend who is 3 nodes away, add that number to the TNC setting of 3; thus we have 6. If the station to which you wish to connect is only one node away , use that number to add to the TNC FRACK of 3 (3 + 1 = 4). This is the manner with which I make the system work for me, and at the same time it “un-complicates” the FRACK command for us.

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