Forward from linbpq through uronode to fbb.

There were some problems getting the forward from linbpq through a uronode to a linfbb bbs. I spent a while testing to see if we could get things going. It actually works pretty well.

I have add the following connection script to linbpq

ATT 3 stands for attach port 3, and port 3 is in my system the telnet port.

Furthermore, in uronode.conf I have created an Alias with the name BBS. So if the command BBS is given in uronode, you will be connected with linfbb.

We can test whether the forward script does what it is supposed to do. Let’s start the forward in Linbpq.

Log file of Linbpq

Okay looks good.

1 thought on “Forward from linbpq through uronode to fbb.”

  1. Hi Niels
    I have not understood exactly what whoud BBQ BBS must have configured and what FBB BBS must have confogured.
    I am tuning fwd of OK2PEN FBB BBS with LU9DCE BPQ BBS.
    In my eu LU9DCE I have parametres B X M U I and we want forward via netrom (my BBS has call sign OK2PEN-1 and port 3602) and in uronode.conf there is line: Alias BBS C OK2PEN-1.
    My uronode is on IP
    So please tell me what LU9DCE BPQ BBS must have in its config. Is the line:
    C 3602 NEEDLF OK2PEN ok2pen BBS
    Thaks 73
    Libor OK2PEN (PY2ZEN)
    [email protected]

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