FBB Tricks and tips

 This rubric is yours, more than mine. I'll try to insert there all tricks
you will tell me.

Only for DosFBB:
Using DesqView (c).
 There is no particular problem when using DesqView. The minimum window size
is 500 KB. You MUST use communication drivers, like ESS, COMBIOS or MBBIOS,
as the software does not dispose of the whole process time.

Communication errors displaying.
An error counter can be displayed 
in WinFBB: after the word "Resync" on the screen
in DosFBB: just right of the date, on the first line of the screen.
If you are using TNC2 with WA8DED software, these errors can be minor, but
with PK232, error recovery is more difficult, and the system may reboot.

 With a correct operation of your system, this counter will not appear, or
exceptionally. If errors are displayed, they can result from :

 - Using DOS 4.0 or 5.0 : The keyboard driver of these versions is very slow.
You must use the ESS driver for RS232 (or COMBIOS).

 - A too hight baudrate, or RS232 defective cables. The baudrate can be
selected down to 4800 Bds. It is not a good idea to go down 4800 Bds, as the
performance of the software should be lower.

 - Change the LM324 fitting out some TNC RS232 line drivers by a TL074 or

 - HF detection in the TNC. Errors and resynchronizations will appear when
the transmitter is running. There is no real cure, you must investigate.

 You can also use communication drivers like ESS, COMBIOS or MBBIOS if you
are not still using them.

Repeat the last message number.
 The last message number displayed, read, killed, etc... can be utilized
again with the # (pound) character. This short-cut allows as for an example
to read a message after a list or to suppress it just after its reading.

 Example :

 F6FBB BBS ; R 12351
 The message is displayed ...
 F6FBB BBS ; K #
 Message #12351 killed.


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