G8BPQ-node (uses TNCs in KISS-mode, DRSI cards, etc...).

If you plan to use BPQ-node with this software, you must make some changes.
Before you start FBB, you must load the BPQ-program.

From version 4.05 of BPQcode, separate ports can be declared. Level 2
connections issue to the MultCh in the same order as PORTs declared in the
BPQCFG.TXT (G8BPQ distribution) file. First port corresponds to MultCh 0.
Level 4 connections (from the network) always issue to MultCh 0.

In <a href="https://packet-radio.net/fbb-port-sys/">PORT.SYS</a> you must use 2 in INTERFACE, and Q in type host mode. Version
4.05 or up is recommended. COM can be from 1 to 8, but will exclude existing
COMs. Choosing 8 is a good solution to keep existing COMs. We recommend
that you use COM 8.

Only the <a href="https://packet-radio.net/fbb-inittncx-sys/">INITTNCx.SYS</a> for the 1st port must exist. You must check that there
is only one INITTNCx.SYS file for all BPQ-ports, otherwise you will have
big problems! The parameters for other ports will be taken by default, and then
no conflict should happen between ports. If you want to define the streams
differently on each port, you can do it with the INITTNCx.SYS file, but be sure
to give the right configuration. INITTNCx.SYS will look like this:

If paclen is equal to 0, then the default BPQ paclen of the port will be
taken, otherwise the specified paclen will overwrite the default BPQ paclen.

If you have validated the gateway, you must configure ENABLE_LINKED=A in
BPQCFG.TXT to give to the stream the callsign of the user.

Here is an example of PORT.SYS with BPQ-node and 2 TNCs:

#Ports TNCs
1 2
#Com Interface Address (Hex) Baud
8 2 0 4800
#TNC NbCh Com MultCh Pacl Maxfr NbFwd MxBloc M/P-Fwd Mode Freq
1 8 8 0 230 4 1 10 30/60 UQYW VHF
2 1 8 1 80 1 1 5 30/60 UQYW HF

Example of INITTNCx.SYS for BPQ 4.05 (Only ONE INITTNCx.SYS) :

A1 Number of application
R0 Returns to node (0=No,1=Yes)
M1 Monitor (0=No,1=YES)
N1 Number of first stream

The parameters for other ports will be taken by default, For instance, as the
first stream of the first port is 1, the first stream of the second port will
be 9. (8 channels defined in PORT.SYS for port 1). This will be done
automatically, and the second INITTNCx.SYS should not exist.

In FORWARD.SYS there are a few changes, here is a short example:

C C SWITCH Connect first BPQ switch.
C C 2 LA2D Connect LA2D on port 2 of BPQ.

For WinFBB:

If you are using WinFBB together with BPQ-code you have to copy the files


to the \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. These files are normally included in the
BPQ programpack.
After this you starts BPQ in the same way as with DOSFBB, but before starting
WINDOWS. The best is to start BPQCODE from AUTOEXEC.BAT.

For LinFBB:

BPQ cannot be used with LinFBB....


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