axMail admin util “spamblock”

There is a spamblock util for axMail. It’s handy to block spam.
Here can you get the program.

Read the INSTALL file carefully. If you do not have the line smtpd_client_restrictions in your you need to add it.

The complete rule is ….

smtpd_client_restrictions = check_client_access hash:/etc/postfix/access

Let test the program.

root@gw:/usr/local/src/spamblock# ./spamblock
What ip or block do you wish to deny?
[info] Adding to your postfix access file....
postfix/postfix-script: refreshing the Postfix mail system
[ ok ] Block for: is in place.

Now let test if you can send mail by postfix.

'pd2lt (@)' op 7-12-2017 7:37
            554 5.7.1 <[]>: 
                           Client host rejected: Access denied

Okay that just work quit well. Have a look in the file /etc/postfix/access     REJECT     REJECT     REJECT     REJECT

Delete the last line if you want to send e-mail. And “postfix reload”

For those running axMail-FAX, I have created an admin script I call
spamblock. This creates a filter list within postfix of who you wish to
connect to you and who NOT to connect to you. 

Especially this time of year spammers are at their worst trying to see
you their grandmother to make a small coin... most of which is simply
junk and abuse of bandwidth YOU pay for. Also, if  you run axMail in a
location who's rules are extremely strict about financial transactions
on ham radio this will also help protect your users as well as yourself
against unlawful communications.

Instructions are in the INSTALL file. I strongly urge  you to add blocks
through whois lookups rather than single IPs as spammers tend to open up
several servers within a data center so capturing their block protects
you that much more. I'm of the mindset that any data center or block
that has a spammer on it doesn't deserve the right to send me junk
mail... and MY expense of bandwidth.


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