Linux Port of UZ7HO’s Soundmodem

Very good news, John G8BPQ has ported Soundmodem from UZ7HO to Linux. Mail from John G8BPQ. Andy UZ7HO has allowed me to port his Soundmodem to C so that it can be run run Linux systems. See This is pre-Beta software. It has been tested by several people but is likely to still have bugs. 73, John G8BPQ

New Soundmodem version is available UZ7HO

New Soundmodem version is available: SoundModem v1.00b changes: – Added “DW QPSK 2400bd” and “DW 8PSK 4800bd” Direwolf compatible modes. The carrier frequency must be “1800Hz” (for a full compatibility with Direwolf). Get the version V1.00b

Winlink Gateway HB9AK

As Winlink Gateway i`m using HB9AK from Switzerland on dail 7.050Mhz. HB9AUR (Martin) is the Operator (SysOp) of HB9AK. I have test the system of Martin with Winmor, Ardop, Robust 300/600. I have a old AEA DSP2232 modem that can make Pactor 1, but i have some issues to get things going. HB9AK is a big boy with many possibilities. Here a small list. Technical details of HB9AK (JN36PV, 650 m asl): QRGs (dial frequency): 3’613.0, 7’050.0, 10’144.4(NB), 14’108.9, 18’114.4, 21’113.5 (NB: narrow band only). Use USB for all QRGs. Center frequency is 1.5 kHz higher than dial frequency. TRX1 (40m): KENWOOD TS-590S, dipole(N/S); Modes WINMOR, PACTOR(1-4), Robust Packet Radio, ARDOP, VARA TRX2 (30m): KENWOOD TS-590SG, dipole(N/S); Modes WINMOR(500), PACTOR(1-2), ARDOP TRX3 (20m): KENWOOD TS-590SG, dipole(N/S) or LogPer; Modes WINMOR, PACTOR(1-4), Robust Packet Radio, ARDOP, VARA TRX4 (80m/17m/15m): KENWOOD TS-590S, 80m dipole, 17/15m fan dipole; Modes WINMOR, PACTOR(1-4), Robust Packet Radio, ARDOP, VARA Technical details of HB9AK-1 (JN47LI, 1130 m asl): TRX5 (10m): ICOM IC-706, vertical dipole; Modes WINMOR, PACTOR(1-4), Robust Packet, ARDOP, VARA TRX6 (2m): MOTOROLA GM340, X-50; Mode Packet Radio AFSK 1200 Bd, BPSK 1200 Bd, BPSK 2400 Bd, QPSK 2400 bps, QPSK 3600 bps Technical details of Read more


Dire Wolf is a software “soundcard” AX.25 packet modem/TNC and APRS encoder/decoder. It can be used stand-alone to observe APRS traffic, as a tracker, digipeater, APRStt gateway, or Internet Gateway (IGate) In the early days of Amateur Packet Radio, it was necessary to use an expensive “Terminal Node Controller” (TNC) with specialized hardware. Those days are gone. You can now get better results at lower cost by connecting your radio to the “soundcard” interface of a computer and using software to decode the signals. For the windows or Linux version please visite the following site. Simple installation on Linux Install the DireWolf DEVELOPMENT version.   Direwolf <> AEA PK-88 Direwolf <> Tnc3s Direwolf <> Kpc9612 Direwolf 1.6 D (Mar 1 2020) FX.25 Direwolf AX.25 + FEC = FX.25 Direwolf Kissutil Bind ax25 interface to Direwolf Installing Direwolf and LinBPQ on Raspian Stretch DireWolf/Linpq with Systemd Direwolf to LinBPQ config Direwolf and Jnos Direwolf and Jnos (review) Direwolf Configuration example


John G8BPQ is the Creator and Maintainer of the BPQ32 Software. The BPQ32 software comes in different flavors. Windows Linux RaspBian Stable versions To download the lastest version for Windows follow this link. (CLICK) If you more a Linux fan you can download here te lastest version. (CLICK) Or if you just love to play with a Rasperry you can get the newest version here. (CLICK) The collection of items that deal with the aspects of Bpq32 and related software. Guide…BPQ User and Sysop Commands Installing Direwolf and LinBPQ on Raspian Stretch Fldigi and BPQ32 Bpq32 log options Linbpq application interface Linbpq with winmor port Complex BPQ32.cfg from N9LYA Direwolf and Linbpq with Systemd BPQ32.CFG example PI1BDG/PI8BDG Bpq32.cfg Configuration with a SCS Tracker SCS tracker driver for BPQ32 Forward from Linbpq through Uronode to FBB Bind Linbpq to a AX25 Interface Installing Linbpq on the Rasperry Pi and TNC-Pi of Beaglebone Black and TNC-Black Howto install Linbpq on a Rapberry Pi Bpq32 Ardop Configuration Bpq32 Configuration example Watchdog with Linbpq Bpq32 port configuration examples. BPQ32 Example Kiss Port BPQ32 Example Kiss Tracker port BPQ32 Example Direwolf port BPQ32 Example Telnet port BPQ32 Example AXIP port BPQ32 Example Winmor port BPQ32 Read more


Ardop (windows) ardop_docs > pdf ARDOP_Chat Read me first > pdf ARDOP TNC Interface Spec > pdf ArdopC (Linux) Running ARDOPC > doxc Winmor How to use the WINMOR TNC > doc WINMOR Protocol Spec > doc SPEC for WINMOR TNC > doc WINMOR Protocol Support > pptx WINMOR Rate 93.75B WS > xls BPQ32 BBS/User/Node Commands BBS-User-SYSOP-commands > docx BPQ-NODE-COMMANDS > docx Node-SYSOP-Mode > docx BPQ32 Guide by PY2BIL Bpq-user-and-sysop-commands.pdf > pdf Direwolf Direwolf-User-Guide > pdf Direwolf-User-Guide-1.6-pre > pdf AX25_plus_FEC_equals_FX25 > pdf Vara VARA quick guide > pdf Soundmodem UZ7HO uz7ho-user_guide_v045b_EN > pdf (X)net Docs (X)net documentatie Engels > doc (X)net Handbuch Version 1.38 Duits > pdf Xrouter32 XRouter32 sysop manual > doc PacComm PacComm DCD Header sheme > pdf Baycom Baycom modem scheme > pdf Jnos Docs Jnos 2.0F documentatie Engels > doc Jnos 1.11F documentatie Engels > doc/txt/zip OpenBCM OpenBMC manual Engels/Duits > pdf F6FBB Fbb implementation guide (*DOS) > pdf Fbb forward protocol > docx Ax25 specification Ax.25 2.2 specification > AX25.2.2-Jul-98-2.pdf Netrom protocol description > netrom.pdf > Tnx to Andy UZ7HO Mutli Kiss description > multi-kiss.pdf Tnc / Modem Manuals Tnc7multi gebruikershandleiding Engels > TNC7multi_English.pdf Pk232mbx gebruikershandleiding Engels > pk232mbx-operating-manual.pdf AEA/Timewave TNCs PK-900 -> Manual -> PK900Man.pdf PK-900 Read more


AX25 (can not find any date in the changlog, probably 2016 the RC5 release) Ax25-tools > ax25-tools-0.0.10-rc5.tar.gz Ax25-apps > ax25-apps-0.0.8-rc5.tar.gz LibAx25 > libax25-0.0.12-rc5.tar.gz Ax25-tools > ax25-tools-0.0.10-rc4.tar.gz Ax25-apps > ax25-apps-0.0.8-rc4.tar.gz LibAx25 > libax25-0.0.12-rc4.tar.gz AX25 libraries, AX25 tools and AX25 apps This software is patch by VE7FET Get the recent version USE “git clone” linuxax25-master > (Feb 10, 2019) linuxax25-master > (Oct 22, 2017) Ax25tools-1.0.2 > linuxax25-ax25tools-1.0.4.tar.gz (28 Aug, 2018) Ax25apps-2.0.0 > linuxax25-ax25apps-2.0.0.tar.gz (28 Aug, 2018) Libax25-1.1.1 > linuxax25-libax25-1.1.1.tar.gz (28 Aug, 2018) Uronode Software (Brian n1uro) Uronode source link > Source link Uronode current Uronode-2.11 > uronode-2.11.tar.gz (Mar 03, 2020) Uronode old stable Uronode-2.3.1 > uronode-2.3.1.tar.gz Uronode-2.6 > uronode-2.6.tar.gz Uronode-2.7 > uronode-2.7.tar.gz Uronode-2.8 > uronode-2.8.tar.gz Uronode-2.8.1 > uronode-2.8.1.tar.gz Uronode-2.9 > uronode-2.9.tar.gz (Nov 13, 2018) Uronode-2.10 > uronode-2.10.tar.gz (Jan 27, 2019) Nord >< Link Software and Documentation Nord >< Link > Nord >< Link > Nord >< Link > Nord >< Link > Nord >< Link > Nord >< Link > Tnn179.pdf RMSGateway rmsgw-2.4.0-181.1 > (Sep 14, 2018) Version not updated only souce. rmsgw-2.4.0-182 > (Nov 3, 2014) rmsstats-0.1c > rmschanstat > rmschanstat.tar (Nov 14, 2009) rmsgw_extract_users > rmsgw_extract_users.tar rmspi-0.2.tar > rmspi-0.2.tar.gz Dos Emulator Dosemu-1.4.0 > Dosemu-freedos-1.0-bin > OpenBCM OpenBCM-1.0.6-Source > OpenBCM-1.06-Full > OpenBCM_Terminal-1.07-Source > OpenBCM_Watchdog-1.1-Full > Borland Stuff Borland C++.ver.2.0.English > Borland Read more