9600 BAUD Parameters

TXDelay…….between 8 and 15 – set for best throughput BUT that depending upon your RIG. Several commercial rigs they don’t accepts TXD less than 25-30 because they needs enough time to “LOCK-on” the PLL unit, otherwise the TX signal is unusable. Of course, if you want that values (8-15), we talking for modern Transmitters using PIN-diodes and very fast PLL-units for RX-TX swithces and NOT for RIGs with Relays in the output and slllooowwww PLLs… Relays and slow-PLLs have extremely large values between RX-TX, which that means Hi-Value TXD settings!

RESPtime …..100 mS seems to have better results than 0

Frack……….. 8 seconds on a busy channel; but never less than 5 sec

PERSIST…….128/users; if it’s a pretty clean channel, 64 is nice; if it’s busy, guesstimate the average number of users and divide 128 by this number, i.e. 4 users = 128/4 = 32


MAXFrame… If the channel is great, 7; average, 3; rough, 1


Check………. 300 seconds

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