I have been writing an update script for BPQ32 for a while now. And especially the Pilinbpq and Linbpq version. It was first based on checking the dates both local and remote. This was not completely watertight, now I have chosen to check for version. I didn’t know it was possible to produce a version number with ./linbpq -v. Fortunately I was pointed out by Mark KD0QYN and Tadd KA2DEW. Thanks guys. So after dumping my script I started again with a new script. At the moment it appears to work pretty well. The script is based on updating the Pinlinbpq version. I also chose to immediately make a copy for the archive. The file is saved as “pilinbpq_6.0.19.1_2019.11-01. The date represents the date it was downloaded. I downloaded the file with timestampping. This means that the date will be retained when it appears on the web server.

-rwxr-xr-x 1 pd9q pd9q 3610480 Oct 5 15:18 pilinbpq_6.0.19.4_2019-11-01

The has version number and the file was downloaded on 2019-11-01 and it appeared on Ocktober the 5th on the web server.

[email protected]:~/linbpq $ ./linbpq -v
G8BPQ AX25 Packet Switch System Version October 2019
Copyright © 2001-2019 John Wiseman G8BPQ
[email protected]:~/linbpq $

Here we have the version number of, so let’s grab it.
./linbpq -V | grep Version | cut -d’ ‘ -f7
Now let’s stick it in a variable.
version=’./linbpq -V | grep Version | cut -d’ ‘ -f7’

Let’s see what that looks like in a bash script. The file has the name version. chmod +x version
version=’./linbpq -V | grep Version | cut -d’ ‘ -f7’
echo $version

The output will be………

[email protected]:~/linbpq $ ./version

We can work with this.

You can run the script via a crontab.

crontab -e

To run /home/pd9q/up2bpq-v2.0.1 five minutes after midnight, every day, enter:
5 0 * * * /home/pd9q/up2bpq-v2.0.1

Recent version is up2bpq-v2.0.1