Hy End Fed / Scs DSP TNC

Today I bought a Hy End Fed antenna for the bands 10/15/20/40/80. The radiation direction will be NNE North-northeast and SSW South-southwest. Better East and West but unfortunately that is not a option. This Hy End Fed is made by a Dutch company. https://www.hyendcompany.nl

The antenna I bought is this one.

I also bought a nice small modem. The Scs DPS TNC. It very small 🙂 (about 50 euro`s on sort of ebay)
I hope that it will be possible to operate hf packet on the 105net network. Would love to connect a 300Baud link to the 105net network.

Some details about the Hy End Fed MK3

Some detials about the ScS DSP TNC

Linfbb maintenance scripts modified.

Brain n1uro has write a script to getting reports sent to you nightly from your maintenance.



I have some trouble to get things going so i change some line in the scipt.

I have change the line


fbbgetconf needs a option.

Output off the script.